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Business Center

International Customers

With international shipping services , we can organize delivery anywhere in the world. We use our international logistic system to help your business control and optimize cost effectiveness .With our integrated services you will minimize transaction cost, reduce inventory and increase benefits . 

Please note the following terms apply for full container orders .

Our usual term of payment is 30% deposit with balance within 30 days.

Payment is made via wire transfer, western union ,moneygram and prior to shipment.

LC are accepted upon case study.

We have no MOQ .




We esign , create, customize and built lightcraft and various shade combinations at our factory facility.

 Fill in the form and speak to a member of our export sales team on what’s app ,for more information.


Start Your Lighting Project Today

If you are looking to purchase for your business ,a personal project or evenn upgrade your lighting you’ve come to the right place. 

The team of lighting specialists at OEM LIGTHINGS can help you determine the best options in three simple steps.

Conversation: Let’s talk about your company’s project. 

Is it existing space or new space? 

Are you looking for more light? Less light? 

Different light? Is it interior or exterior? 

Recommendations: Our lighting experts will suggest products and present options. Choices from changing light bulbs to retrofitting or replacing fixtures. 

Whatever the choices, they will fit your project and budget needs.

Budget: Everyone needs to know costs and benefits. Product costs, available rebates and energy saved: all factor into the equation. In many cases a lighting upgrade can have a significant positive impact on your  bottom line.

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