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Selecting outdoor lights

We will guide you in this article in choosing your ideal outdoor lighting. Investing in outdoor lighting is essential in order to light up your home after dark.

In addition to being aesthetic and enhancing your home, outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your garden and your terrace at night.

In order to help you in this important investment, we have chosen to help you in understanding and selecting theproduct suitable for your situation.

Therefore, we will first show you the different types of outdoor lighting.

The are mainly10 types of Outdoor Lights

1 Spotlights

This is a general term for lights that point only in 1 direction.Exterior spot lights may also be called landscape spotlight.
However spotlight is a general term because spotlights become a certain type of light when used in a certain way.
For example, if you point a spotlight upwards at a wall, it becomes an uplight that creates a wall grazing effect.
Spotlights can range in brightness and amount of area they cover. They often illuminate statues, plants, walls, patios, and anything you can point it at.

2. Flood Lights

Flood lights are the most useful of the types of outdoor landscape lights for brightening large areas such as football fields ect..

3. Up/Downlights

With a wide range of uses these spotlights are some of the best from a design standpoint. Uplights can bring statues to life, create patterns on walls, and beautify your yard.

4.Garden Lights

Placing them in natural areas can show your favorite and most beautiful plants to the world. They’re almost like beautiful mushrooms of light. The light goes downwards and slightly out. This way everyone will see the plants instead of spots from looking at a bulb.

5.Bollard Lights

These are posts with lights right on the top. No light shield/cover. Bollard lights are one of the only types of outdoor landscape lights that can shine in every direction.

6.Wall Light

A wall light is a type of light fixture affixed to a wall in such a way that it uses only the wall for support where the light is usually, but not always, directed upwards. It does not have a base on the ground.

7.String Lights

Perfect for stringing through trees and over hardscapes so you can truly enjoy them. They provide a more subtle light for a picturesque scene.

8.Outdoor Ceiling Light

Outdoor ceiling lightS are fixtures affixed to the ceiling. They may be recessed ,flush mount or pendant.

9.Outdoor Floor light

Outdoor floor light are usually fixtures in or attached to the ground. Floor spotlights /bollards/ step lights –

10. Step Lights

It’s all in the name. Step lights go either on walls beside the stairs or on the front, vertical face.

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